Coalition pledge to revive tank project to create 350 Geelong jobs

Posted: 14th May

The Prime Minister is preparing to commit to a new military weapons contract in Geelong.

Scott Morrison is expected to visit the region today to lend support to MP Sarah Henderson, who is battling to keep the seat of Corangamite.

It will be Mr Morrison's second trip to Geelong in less than a month.

He is expected to revive a cancelled defence project to construct Howitzer K-9 tanks for the army, creating up to 350 new jobs.

The new mobile artillery system was scrapped by the Labor government in 2012 because of the high cost.

"We will build and maintain them in Geelong, drawing on the large manufacturing skills base in the region," Mr Morrison said.

Source: Rebecca McDonald / 

The Prime Minister will only be in the region for a short time before heading to Tasmania.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten will also be in the Apple Isle, continuing his attack on the Coalition's health care record.

The Labor leader said waiting times for elective surgery and emergency access in Tasmania were the worst in the country.