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East Point, NT

Posted 11/9/2019

Location Profile

Baranduda Primary is a "neighbourhood school" in a tight-knit community, drawing students from the Baranduda residential area and the broader surrounding district adjacent to the city of Wodonga. Due to growth in the local residential market, the school has seen steady enrolment growth over the past 4 years culminating with an enrolment of 264 students in 2019.
The school is set within a secure, developing population and is strongly supported by its community who share the goal of accessing high quality education for their children. Locally, families have alternative non-government schools that directly compete for the enrolments of young people within our community.
Baranduda is a satellite suburb of Wodonga (located approximately 10kms from the CBD), consequently a group of students travel from the town of Wodonga to attend our school, presenting with a more diversified background to the immediate local community. The majority of our families have English as their first language and are mainly employed in professional and semi-professional positions in Albury/Wodonga, with a significant number (approximately 10%) being members of the Defence Forces.
Baranduda Primary identifies its purpose as striving to deliver innovative and personalised learning in a supportive and safe environment, which is inclusive of all community members.
The school operates 12 multi-age classes that are committed to student progress in literacy and numeracy within an engaging learning environment that is focused on delivering a curriculum based on student interests, problem solving and creativity. Classes operate in three Learning Teams, each working to meet the specific learning needs of students at stages across our school.

Specialist programs in Science, Physical Education, Digi Tech and a commitment to Auslan as a language other than English, enhance the diversity of quality learning experiences.
All members of staff work as a professional team in the provision of student centered educational services. The school actively seeks to develop the professional capacity of its staff and the quality of its curriculum, while fostering relationships and team work both within the school and beyond.
The school community is committed to the values of being our best, learning, responsibility and respect, which is now embedded within our positive, inclusive school culture. Along with a strong academic focus, the learning environment promotes the social and emotional aspects of every child.

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